The Dangers of Using Social Media Under the Influence

Posting to your social media account while under the influence is like playing with fire. Sure, everyone has said something that they might not mean after they've had a few cocktails. The problem is, certain forums are safer than others for your uncensored self-expression. For example, the bar bathroom? You're relatively safe. Your company's Facebook page? You've just entered a code-red situation.

It's not always clear which social media blunders are due to drinking and which are just good, old-fashioned moments of weakness, but what is clear is that drinking and social media don't always mix well, and that when it comes to social media restraint, some people just never learn.

We created a graphic to explore the dangers of using social media under the influence, and how ugly it can get. There's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself a little, but friends don't let friends drink and tweet. Have you had an embarrassing social media experience when alcohol was involved?